April 12, 2021

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Effectively handle the loading and unloading of the cargo containers

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Loose cargo service is the simple term that means the goods such as parcels, sacks and other items that are stacked individually one above the other in a van or truck or cargo when on transport instead of palletised cargo where the goods are packed inside the pallet and wrapped in the foil.

Loose cargo or loose loaded cargo is used to transporting goods in containers, between the continent on ships and around the countries when on wheels. Stuffing is the general terms used for the packing of cargo into a container,  and emptying the parcels of the containers at the destination is called as de-stuffing, both of which are the most-complex process for the loose cargo transportation service

The parcels of different size and weights are arranged for stuffing. The process needs to have a planning program in place to ensure the container is filled to maximum capacity yet it is safe of handle and transport. Find out more information on how effective do Mac Logistics do the stuffing and de-stuffing of the loose parcel for our clients.

It is also challenging in terms of physical activity involved at the distribution, order fulfilment centre or parcel carrier terminal. Irrespective of the fully automated terminals for sorting of the good based on the weight and size during the cross-docking operations, the manual unloading of the containers into the terminals is essential. Due to the heavy lifting of the goods, incorrect posture, repetitive motions that are done by the workers often cause injuries to their back and shoulders.

Keep Reading to Find Out More Information on Optimisation of the loading and unloading of the loose cargo service:

Make a complete outlining of the entire loading and unloading process to optimise the process.  

When the appropriate equipment is used for the stuffing and de-stuffing of the loose parcels, it makes the job easier. Lifting of heavy parcels can be reduced by using telescopic conveyors at the sorting or picking station to find the appropriate container. It also helps in loading the goods in a customary order. Stuffing a container to the maximum capacity requires a greater amount of planning but emptying the boxes is much of the simpler process.  

Parcel drawing out of the tightly packed and laborious to grasp containers could be done easier by using the vacuum. Raising the platform for person de-stuffing the container makes the job easier. Articulating conveyors could be the solution for making the de-stuffing quick and easy as the belt is brought to the box.

Scanning the barcode label can be incorporated for parcel ID access. When stuffing the parcel, it can be sorted and done based on the weight of the parcels. Equipment that can reach all part of the container will make both stuffing and de-stuffing help more effectively. 

Contact Mac Logistics to find out more information about easy methods we use for stuffing and de-stuffing of the cargo. Our container unloading covers a range of cargo services such as sea freight, airfreight and road freight that assures the secure, safe and cost-effective service.

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