June 14, 2021

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How To Start The Process Of Unlocking The Phone?

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Unfortunately, at Movical there is no single method to unlock the phone, so there is no way to give general tips; the best thing to do is to open Google and search for the specific process of your cell phone. Each device has its peculiarities, but there are some similarities in the process of each device.

Besides, modifying the operating system is a breach of the warranty contract with operators and manufacturers. Although this is not a crime, the action will nullify any possibility of repair unless it is undone.

You will no longer receive official updates via OTA (over-the-air), a download over Wi-Fi with automatic installation. You will need to download the official ROM from your manufacturer’s website and install it manually on your device.

Therefore, excellent care and knowledge are required to perform the root procedure.

These are the procedures of unlocking the phone:

  1. Back up

You will probably lose your files in the process, so it is essential to save everything that is most important. Save to the cloud or transfer essential photos and documents to your PC. Do not start the process before doing this.

  1. It is necessary to unlock the bootloader

The bootloader is a system included with all Android devices. It is a program activated when the cell phone is switched on to make the correct operating system be loaded in turning on the smartphone.

Some manufacturers make the process easier, while others put several obstacles in the way.

  1. Now is to start the root process

As said, each cell phone has its instructions, but there are some similarities. It is necessary to have access to the mobile developer options. For that, you need to enter “Settings,” access “About the device,” and quickly tap “Version Number” eight times to gain access to the developer tools.

A new option will appear in the Settings menu, which is the “Developer options.” You will need to enable “OEM Unlock” and “USB Debugging”.

Things get messy from there. Some apps promise to do the job themselves, like King Root and OneClickRoot, but it is recommended to look for specific instructions for your phone anyway.


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