February 28, 2021

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The basic overview of a French bulldog: did you know these?

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This scoop-sized Bulldog is from England. But they got their name because they are popular in France. They are distant cousins ​​of the English bulldog. However, their personalities and appearances are very different. Frenchie is classified as non-sporting dogs and they were originally bred to be friends of wealthy townspeople.

French bulldog is a symbol of status

Today, this breed is available to everyone and is still quite common in city apartment complexes. They are best known for their distinguishing bat ears. Unlike other Bulldogs, the French bulldog is a lover and not a guardian. They will not protect your home. Instead, it will bathe you with a puppy kiss. But, he is attentive, will not forget to bark if you have any strangers at the door. Most of the time, these dogs tend to be calm and collected. But sometimes they are very naughty. Advantages –

  • Adapted to many lifestyles,
  • A great choice for novice dog owners,
  • Small enough to travel with,
  • It is very popular and easy to find,
  • Cute appearance.

The French bulldog looks

However, the Frenchie dog is a tiny and lightweight companion dog. Their peculiarity is their large and erect bat ears. In some cases, the inside of the ear can get wrinkled. But most of the time the ears are smooth. Overall, you can expect dogs that are small but strong. They will have wrinkles around their face and neck making them looks cute and adorable.

Color and coat

This Bulldog has a short but smooth single coat. Their fur is so short that you can see wrinkles on the dog’s skin underneath. As for their coat color, they can be white, fur or a yellowish brown. Sometimes they can be black. But it’s often part of the brindle or tuxedo style. Dogs of this breed do not shed much. Their breed standard does not specify height. But most French people will stand between 11 and 13 inches.

Fun facts about the Frenchie

It was originally French Bulldogs as a symbol of wealth. These dogs are often employed. As a therapy animal for nursing homes because their lovely nature makes them the perfect companion for the elderly. French and English bulldogs are very different, but from the same ancestral line. These dogs love to play, dress up, and the Frenchie fashion is a unique hobby for some owners. A French bulldog has pointed ears.

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