As an AI language model, I am not able to see the specific article title you are referring to but I can provide guidelines on how to write an article about any topic.

When writing an article, the first thing to consider is the topic or subject matter. Research on the topic and gather relevant information that would help develop compelling and informative content that would be beneficial to the target audience. It is important to ensure that the information is reliable, accurate, and up-to-date.

The next step is to plan out the structure of the article, which should include an introduction that captures the reader’s attention, body paragraphs that delve into the topic and provide detailed information, and a conclusion that ties everything together.

The introduction should be engaging and informative, introducing the topic and highlighting why it’s important to discuss. Consider presenting a problem or situation that relates to the issue and shows why it needs to be addressed further.

The body of the article is where the main points and supporting evidence should be presented. It is advisable to include subheadings in the body section to help break down complicated topics and make the article easier to read. It would be best to present your arguments with evidence to support your claims to make your article more credible.

Finally, the conclusion should summarize the main points of the article and provide a strong final thought about the topic. Conclude with an action point or something for the readers to ponder over, creating an incentive for the readers to take further action.

In conclusion, writing an article requires careful consideration of the topic or subject matter, the structure, the audience, and the desired outcome. It is essential to conduct research, present clear arguments, and use evidence to support your claims. With these various factors in mind, you can write a compelling and informative article that will impact your readers.